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Pre-Suit Award Payment

§ 766.211 Payment of arbitration award; interest--

(1)  Within 20 days after the determination of damages by the arbitration panel pursuant to s. 766.207, the defendant shall:

(a)  Pay the arbitration award, including interest at the legal rate, to the claimant; or

(b)  Submit any dispute among multiple defendants to arbitration pursuant to s. 766.208.

(2)  Commencing 90 days after the award rendered in the arbitration procedure pursuant to s. 766.207, such award shall begin to accrue interest at the rate of 18 percent per year.

History.–s. 58, ch. 88-1; s. 34, ch. 88-277.

DISCLAIMER – Some of these Florida malpractice laws are exactly like they were first written years ago, but others have been amended several times over the years.  They can be amended again at any time.  For some of these laws you apply the version that existed at the time the malpractice occurred, but for others you apply the version of the law that exists at the time you file your case, or at the time your case gets to trial.  It can be tricky knowing which ones to use. We are showing you these Florida laws to help educate you about medical malpractice issues, but you should always consult an experienced Florida medical malpractice attorney before relying on these provisions. 

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