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Is My Child Covered By NICA?

Was your child injured during their birth in a Florida hospital? Then they may be covered by NICA.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Did your child suffer oxygen deprivation during birth causing brain injury or death?
  • Did your child suffer physical trauma to the brain or spinal cord during birth?

We handle NICA and birth injury malpractice cases throughout Florida. While our firm started in Orlando and our main office is still there, in order to serve our statewide clients better we also maintain locations in several major cities to make it easier for us to handle cases statewide, and easier for you to consult with us for your case.

In some geographic areas, we may also associate with another local law firm to serve you better. Any such association would be at no additional attorney fees or expenses charged to you.

By reading the information on this site you do not establish an attorney-client relationship with us. If you think you may have a valid case you should promptly retain us or another experienced medical malpractice firm to protect your rights.