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Consumer Malpractice Groups

We are pleased to suggest other sites which may be useful to people interested in medical and consumer malpractice issues. We are not affiliated with any of these other sites and thus are not responsible for their content.

Originally created to pursue two constitutional amendments – FPP has grown into a patient advocacy and support group with over 200 members (and growing) – all of whom are victims of medical malpractice and their families. They hold events around the state to increase awareness of medical errors and the critical need for reform in quality of care for all Floridians. Their message has already been heard statewide and nationally. In addition to appearing in a variety of Florida newspapers and television shows, and on National Public Radio, they have also been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

American Iatrogenic Association

The American Iatrogenic Association (AiA) is devoted to publicizing and reducing disease and injury caused by physicians, hospitals, drugs, and medical procedures. The AiA site features a regularly updated list of news reports of medical malpractice, improper and dangerous treatments and unethical behaviors. It also includes book reviews and excerpts, commentaries, and directions for filing complaints against medical practitioners.

The Center for Patient Advocacy’s mission is to represent the interests of patients nationwide to ensure that all Americans have timely access to quality medical care.

Founded in 1976 the Center for Medical Consumers is a New York based non-profit advocacy organization active in both New York and national efforts to improve the quality of health care.

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