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NICA Questions

Answers to your Florida NICA Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida NICA

What Is NICA?

NICA is a birth injury program created by the Florida legislature in 1988 and it is still effective today.

Which Babies Are Covered by NICA?

To be covered by the NICA plan each of the requirements must be met.

What Will NICA Pay For?

NICA will cover various expenses for an individual and family.

Why Was the NICA Program Created?

The NICA program was not created to provide benefits to families with injured children.

What if the Doctor Committed Malpractice?

The point of NICA is that if the injuries fit the definitions, doctors and nurses are immune from suit.

What is Not Covered by NICA?

NICA only covers what is “medically necessary,” so families sometimes have disputes with NICA.

Can I Get NICA Benefits and Still Sue?

If you do file a NICA claim and recover any NICA benefits, you may not bring a medical malpractice claim

Is NICA a No Fault Program?

The NICA promise of a no-fault program is often just an illusion.

Who Should Try to Avoid NICA?

Because the NICA benefits are limited, some avoid NICA and successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim.

How Do I File a NICA Claim?

If you decide to file a NICA claim for benefits it is best to retain an attorney to do this for you.

What is the Deadline for Filing for NICA Benefits?

The statute of limitations for filing your application for NICA is five years from the baby’s date of birth.

How Do I Ask More Questions?

Please reach out to us in one of the following ways.

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