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Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not and will not sell, rent, lend, exchange or otherwise voluntarily disclose visitor information to anyone outside of our law firm under any circumstances whatsoever unless we are compelled to do so by operation of law.   We do not place cookies on visitors’ computers and we do not collect the names or email addresses of our site visitors unless first submitted to us by the visitor.

By submitting a question to us about your possible case, either by email or filling out a form on our site, you do not automatically become a client of our law firm;  however we do consider you to be a prospective client attempting to inquire about possible future representation, and for that reason we consider all such information you provide to us, including your name and the name of any person you are inquiring about, to be strictly confidential and protected by a form of the attorney-client privilege.  In other words, we accord a similar level of confidentiality to your information whether we accept your case and become your attorneys, or not.

We do monitor site usage statistics to gain general information, such as what pages of our site are most popular, and length of stay.  This is done to improve the site and the data is collected in the aggregate and not specifically identified with the names or email addresses of any individual visitors.We do not use banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-unders, redirects, or any other type of third-party advertising or spy-ware.

We do have some hypertext links on our site that assist you in visiting web sites that belong to and are controlled by others (these links are identified as such).  We are not responsible for the contents of those sites, and we are not able to speak to the privacy policies or advertising policies of those other sites.  We are not aware of any particularly intrusive practices of any sites to which we may have included a link.  If you learn of inappropriate practices by any site to which we include a link, please let us know and we will consider removing the reference from our site.
[Edition 1.0 Posted January 2003 ].

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