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§ 766.311 NICA Appeals

(1)  A determination of the administrative law judge as to qualification of the claim for purposes of compensability under s.766.309 or an award by the administrative law judge pursuant to s. 766.31 shall be conclusive and binding as to all questions of fact. Review of an order of an administrative law judge shall be by appeal to the District Court of Appeal. Appeals shall be filed in accordance with rules of procedure prescribed by the Supreme Court for review of such orders.

(2)  In case of an appeal from an award of the administrative law judge, the appeal shall operate as a suspension of the award, and the association shall not be required to make payment of the award involved in the appeal until the questions at issue therein shall have been fully determined.

History.–s. 70, ch. 88-1; s. 23, ch. 91-46; s. 6, ch. 93-251; s. 314, ch. 96-410.

Disclaimer:  This is a recent version of this law.  The legislature does not amend the various sections of the NICA laws very often, but you should not rely on this version without reviewing your possible NICA claim with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, and making sure you are using the appropriate version of the law for your particular case. 

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