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Scott R. McMillen – Malpractice Specialist

Malpractice Specialist Scott R. McMillen
Scott R. McMillen - Malpractice Specialist

Scott R. McMillen has made the law his passion for nearly three decades. Beyond that, he has specialized in medical malpractice above any other area of law. For over 30 years he and the attorneys the McMillen Law Firm have worked to helpĀ the victims of medical malpractice in recovering from the harm done to them.

When a health care professional fails in their to do right by the patients they serve, Scott R. McMillen steps in to help. Having once worked to defend the hospitals from medical malpractice cases, he understands the tactics they use and knows how to counter them.

Because of his background and his expert handling of the cases he’s handled, doctors and other lawyers refer the cases they have over the Scott. Even the attorneys you see on television bring the cases they can’t handle to Scott because they know he is the true expert in the field.

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